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VisaHQ is the most advanced visa application platform for the business travel industry

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Erasing borders for

BusinessVisaHQ is trusted by HBO
BusinessVisaHQ is trusted by Under Armour
BusinessVisaHQ is trusted by WWF
BusinessVisaHQ is trusted by Thomson Reuters
and many other leading companies around the world

A better way to get your travelers where they need to be

International travel is our specialty and we understand the psychology of the business traveler.

We know that your travelers would rather not have to deal with obtaining visas and that visa issues can easily put the brakes on critical business trips.

That's why our primary goal is to offer your program the next best thing to visa-free travel.
Connecting people with people
At VisaHQ, people are our passion. We care about your travelers' plans as if they are own. Our diverse team of experts will help your travelers through any obstacle they may be facing by drawing on our own knowledge and personal experiences with international travel.

We're proud to provide a personalized solution to your program and we're excited work with your travelers (even the demanding ones - you know the ones we're talking about!).
Run everything from one place
As the only tech-centric company in the visa and passport industry, VisaHQ has adopted the vision of "elimination through automation."

VisaHQ serves as a digital headquarters for your organization's travel documents and provides a clear view into your program's activity and travel patterns. Our controlled environment allows travelers to manage all aspects of the application process in one place. Concur clients are also able to seamlessly connect VisaHQ into their platform and receive proactive entry notifications upon booking an itinerary. This commitment to provide easier travel and effortless expensing has paid off - VisaHQ has been named Concur's 2017 App Center Partner of the Year. Where can we take you?
App Partner center of the year 2017
Good for your bottom line
Since 2003, VisaHQ has made international travel easier for corporate travel programs and their travelers. Our deep understanding of foreign relations has allowed us to build trusted personal relationships with embassies, consulates, and issuing authorities of almost every country in the world.

Our experience will provide your program with faster and better results. Guaranteed.
Hassle free
Give your team the best
Visa and passport applications often take 3 to 4 hours to complete. With our intelligent application platform, VisaHQ slashes this by 95%. That means your employees can focus to what matters most - their business.

No longer are travelers forced to complete complicated "application kits" or be on their own when applying. With a dedicated Client Service team and live support, our high touch + high tech approach makes VisaHQ an easy decision for your program.
Strong results delivered
Our technology and team of experts ensure a virtually error-free experience for the traveler. 99.91% of the documents VisaHQ submits to an issuing authority are approved on the first submission.

As part of our duty of care commitment, your travelers will never have to pay exorbitant document "pre-check" fees or worry about missing an important trip due to application errors. Most importantly, they can have peace of mind knowing that they will arrive on time and are in possession of the correct documents.
Safe & Secure
Protect your employees
VisaHQ maintains the highest industry standards for the safety and security of client data. Our online system is composed of only the best protocols to safeguard data and privacy security and our team of IT professionals conducts routine PCI Compliance and penetration testing to ensure we meet the highest standards of protection.

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See what our clients have to say

"GBTA Canada is thrilled to have BusinessVisaHQ be part of our Travel Sourcing Series. Thank you for all of your support... See you in Toronto in September!!!"
Nancy Tudorache Director Operations, GBTA Canada
"Wow. VisaHQ is worlds easier than CIBT for this China visa. Web form auto-fills out the PDF application, no confusing docs, etc."
Donnie Berkholz Research Director, 451 Research
"My experience with VisaHQ has been simply outstanding. Throughout the order process, they were on top of things and kept me informed of my application's progress along every step of the way. It was such great service that it made me think my application was the only one they were working on. A job well done!"
W.K. large media company
"I just wanted to take a moment to give a great big thank you to BusinessVisaHQ for getting a last minute China visa processed in a moment's notice, allowing our attorney to depart on time. Even with the difference in time zones, somehow your staff made it happen. Your team went above and beyond all our expectations and we truly would like to thank you for all that you did. Thanks to you and your team, we now have a 10 year visa to China."
D.H. Honeywell
"We just received the passport and visa back and everyone in the office is impressed. You made me look great and I appreciate you for that! I am highly recommending BusinessVisaHQ to my colleagues I work with and anyone else who may need this done in the future. It has been a pleasure working with your team."
L.S. Thomson Reuters
BusinessVisaHQ is a member of Global Business Travel Association
BusinessVisaHQ is a member of Association of Corporate Travel Executives
BusinessVisaHQ is an associate member of United States Tour Operators Association

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